From One Islander To Another


There is an island in the story of Game of Thrones, which is not much different in shape from the island of Rameswaram. This island belongs to a group of islands called the Iron Islands. The Iron Islands is the original home of the young man named Theon Greyjoy, youngest Son of Lord Balon. And Lord Balon is Lord over the Iron Islands. Theon will later become the heir to the Iron Islands after his two older Brothers were killed in Battle. The Battle was against the then King, Robert Baratheon of the Seven Kingdoms, to which the Iron islands belonged.

An Introduction to the Game of Thrones Epic Saga

The Games of Thrones is one the most wonderful stories ever to be told in our present era! It can be read from books, seen on television, or listened to from an audiobook on the internet, The game of thrones story spans many cultures, kingdoms, battles, wars, betrayals, love, hopes, and Disappointments. Very few stories have ever been so good. It does not matter if you are reading the book or listening the audiobook; you definitely will be spellbound. It is set in Europe of the middle ages, in a period when men wielded swords.

TheonTheon Greyjoy, the youngster from the Iron Islands, is taken as a Ward to Lord Stark of Winterfell in the cold North. Lord Stark had fought alongside King Baratheon, and the King had loved his sister also, and even after her death. Lord Stark was, therefore, a very important personality in the great Land of the Seven Kingdoms. And whoever wanted to gain power will have to depose of not just the King and his men, but also the rest of the nobility, who were loyal to the King, especially Lord Eddard Stark.

The problem then is that nearly every nobleman and woman is somehow scheming and conniving to get rid of the King and seize power. This story showcases the depths of human greed and evil. The senseless quest of power, authority, and recognition for some people. You will be thrilled at how people you deemed quite innocent and noble will scheme behind the scenes in such inhumane manners. From the Queen, Robert Baratheon’s wife, who was engaged in incest with her brother, who again is the King’s chief Guard, and thereby birthing her brother’s Sons as heirs to the Kingdom. To an Enoch and member of the King’s council, who desires the throne for himself and engages in murdering the King!

Robert_Baratheons_wifeIf you are listening to a Game of Thrones Audiobook, chances are you will be lost in time, and will not want for it to end. You will be filled with disgust for the Queen when, for example, an honorable man like Lord Stark of Winterfell is falsely accused of wrongdoing and then imprisoned and later Beheaded, while his pre-teenage daughter Arya watches. But, you will also later be filled with satisfaction when this little girl starts to take revenge on all the people responsible for her family’s demise.

Book, Movie or Audiobook?

Another part of the story you definitely will never forget, is the murder attempt at Lady Stark and her Son, the King, at a wedding feast. Was it successful? This story is a wonderful thriller. Even Theon Greyjoy betrayed the family of Lord Stark, who had treated him so well. If you listen to a Game of Thrones Audiobook, you will literally, be “thrilled”. There is just not enough describing that can do justice to the Game of Thrones Saga; you have to experience it yourself. And while the books and the movies are great, the most wonderful way to experience this near-magical world and story may just be to sit down and relax, then close your eyes, and listen to this audiobook. You will be glad you did.

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How Indian Women View Western Women For Undergoing Tummy Tucks

doctors_in_surgeryOne of the major struggles women go through after birth is their protruding tummies. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a procedure that tones and sculpts the abdominal area for tighter and flatter stomach. In India tummy tucks have become quite popular with many women looking towards it as a beauty solution. Women from all over the world are coming to India for tummy tucks due to their low prices and hi-technology private hospitals. In comparison to the rates in the US, India offers tummy tucks ten times cheaper and with great results.

CT-scan_machineIndian women have seen western women flock to their native home taken advantage for affordable surgeries. These specialists are at the top of their game using the latest technologies. The abdominoplasty takes between 1-5 hours depending on the extent and type of procedure. After the surgery, it takes between 6-8 weeks for proper healing to take place. The healing process is different for many people, and it depends mostly on your daily activity. More than anything the benefits of undergoing a tummy tuck improves on your self-esteem and self-image. Also, it’s much cheaper to stay in high-end hotels and be tended to buy a highly trained nurse round the close at a fraction of the cost in western regions.

hospital_bedJust as a reminder, plastic surgeons still insist that maintaining a healthy diet and proper exercise is the best way for a healthy flatter tummy. According to an Indian plastic, surgeon abdominoplasty is not the solution to a flatter tummy by constant exercise and sticking to a healthy diet. Indian women still feel that there is no need to change your body at a young age. Statistics show that young women without children look to tummy tucks to have a shapely figure. In fact, Indian communities find that a woman is defined by her body, through all the changes that motherhood brings.

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Getting Local Youth Safely On The Road


The rules of the road are simple; pay attention, proceed with caution, and be aware of other drivers around you. But this isn’t as simple to a young person hoping to pass their driving test. Road safety isn’t always at the top of their priority list, but it should be. There are tons of young drivers on the road today that simply reviewed the practices they needed to pass their test and smiled for the camera as they received their licence. There are strict laws once you’re legally on the road, so why aren’t there strict laws to get you there? Drivers ed courses are an essential tool that every parent should be insisting their teenager use. There, they will learn all of the necessary skills and be equipped with the knowledge to be safe.

Go online, do some research, and find the best drivers ed course for your teen. Get them involved and maybe even let them pick the course they want, this will give them the power and responsibility they need to feel to succeed. Try and narrow down the search for a few drivers ed courses that offer a unique environment and are interactive with the students. This will ensure that your teenager stays interested and absorbs the information they’re learning. An online school like is the perfect course blend of a fun and informative. They use unique approaches such as virtual road trips, videos that provide visual rather than just words on paper, and quizzes that challenge your teen and give them a sense of accomplishment. It’s critical to provide a young person with a challenge and make the content relatable so it becomes reflex memory.

Whatever the case, just be sure to select an excellent course that both you and your teenager are happy with and rest assured knowing that you’re putting one less uneducated youth driver on the road.

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