Vacation Properties Need To Sparkle

The reason for keeping your vacation rental clean is obvious, right? Then why is it we always hear vacation rental horror stories! If your vacation rental is your business, YOU MUST make sure your business is conducted properly! Your property is the first thing holiday-makers are likely to see, so needing it clean and tidy is a must.For obvious reasons, keeping your vacation rental clean means more business right? So let’s go over the cleaning musts

Learn more about cleaning bathroomscleaning-supplies; This is a MUST MUST MUST! It is also a bone of contention to me as a bathroom can be one of the most germ infested areas of a house. Therefore a guest does not want to come and see the lime scale, grime, and water dripped mirror’s or screen doors and let’s not go into the gruesome toilet pan skids.

To ensure you do the best job cleaning bathrooms, sinks and shower-stalls, make sure all items that do not belong are removed for example old shower gels, shampoos, left behind toothbrushes, trash and anything else that does not belong. Bleach the surfaces, sides, and floors. No customer will complain if the bathroom smells clean. Bleach toilets and scrub pans, don’t miss mirrors, screen doors taps or faucets. The bathroom should be sparkling, clean and hygienic. Bathroom cleaning is the number one priority in a rental.



People expect to cook in a kitchen, so the last thing they want is a dirty kitchen. Hobs, grills, and stove tops are a huge one as the area is prone to spills and messes. Also, one neglected area can be oven hoods or vents. No one wants grime falling in their food.

The fridge. This needs cleaning inside and out on all shelves drawers and compartments. On area that can get missed is water dispensers. (No limescale, please!)

Freezers. Similarly, freezers need this level of attention. Defrost your freezers and ensure cleanliness as often as your situation allows.

Cabinets and counters are obvious. Also, clean out all foodstuffs. Even if not used the lasts guest’s rusty can of beans is not going to give your next guest some appetite.

Again cleaning bathrooms sinks, faucets, and taps; Splash zones should sparkle.

Pay special attention to the hidden crevices. Under cupboards, cracks in sofas, under the bed all these places need cleaning.

Don’t forget to look up. Tops of cupboards, ceilings, and light fittings are dusty areas that require attention.



Bedrooms are a vital place to clean. For obvious reasons, bedrooms can be the most used rooms in the property. Hoover under beds and check all cupboards and drawers, and watch for dust on the back of TV sets.

All sheets should be fresh, clean and smell good abolish the gross sweat marks and musty smells.

If there are additional areas, you may want to be certain those too are ready for guests before renting your home. This includes checking laundry rooms clean lint traps etc.

Closets and hallways should be free of any individual items. Outside the house, be sure the lawn is mowed and neat any trash should be gone. If your rental has a deck, make sure the external furniture and the deck itself are clean and in stable condition. Remember, the quality of your rental, along with cleanliness and the hospitality you provide are what keeps guests interested. You want them to appreciate their experience and recommend it to others, so maintain it and you won’t regret it!

August 25, 2016 | Category: General